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We all know we’re supposed to take care of our teeth and gums, but could there possibly be a connection between good oral hygiene and being successful in life? Maybe. Chris Brogan, the co-author of Trust Agents and featured columnist at Entrepreneur Magazine, sees a connection. He sees the importance of practicing daily habits, including flossing, as a foundation to success.

He wrote this over at his blog:

When you floss your teeth, it’s something you do for a few minutes a day that keeps your teeth clean and your gums strong. If you do it every day for two months and then stop doing it for a few weeks, your gums will grow weaker and there will be stuff all caught in there, and the overall health of your mouth will all get worse rather quickly. What does this have to do with success? Success, near as I can tell, comes from daily effort.

While we won’t guarantee that if you floss you’ll automatically become a success in life and business, we will guarantee that taking care of your teeth and gums every day will keep you healthier, which will ultimately make you happier. And an important part of good oral hygiene is coming in for your regular hygiene cleanings.

Has it been over six months since you had your teeth cleaned? If so, you should contact us today to schedule your next visit. We look forward to serving you.

[From Chris Brogan via Michael Hyatt]