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Patient Reviews

We love our patients and our patients love us! Click here to leave your own review for Dr. Rossen on Google.

Read some recent reviews from our patients below.

I am always so satisfied after leaving Dr. Rossen's office. I am treated so kindly and always positive solutions for me if I am faltering in my dental care. I love this place!

Wendy K

Dr. Rossen and his staff are always very professional and friendly. I feel at ease and welcomed at every appointment. In addition, the dental hygenists are very well trained and knowledgeable. Highly recommend this office!

Angela K.

The dentists and dental technicians are the best. They are efficient and all do a great job!

Jim W.

I love the staff and we always feel welcome. The office is incredibly organized and using technology to their advantage and my benefit. Can't imagine going anywhere else. Of course the treatment is optimal, but I could get my teeth cleaned anywhere and I have chosen here and will continue to do so.

Linda H.

Our family has been using Dr. Rossen and Associates for over 20 years, and we have always been very satisfied with their service. The entire staff is always very friendly and courteous.


Best place to have your teeth looked at!


It's a pleasure visiting the friendly professional folks at Dr. Rossen's practice and this last visit did not disappoint. As always, I was made to feel very comfortable by all members of the staff beginning with a warm greeting from the first step in the door through my interaction with the dental technicians and hygienist and of course Dr. Rossen himself. I am very confident that I receive excellent care at a reasonable cost for all my dental needs.


Always a great experience at Rossen Dental

Caitlin M..

ALWAYS great service!

John K.

Great experience, very gentle

Stephen E.

Wonderful experience as always been a longtime patient at least 20 years.


Great. Professional , personal, efficient and effective. Great communicators. I highly recommend this team and service. They really practice wholistic approach to life and health. Thanks so much. May God richly bless you all.

Rondal S.

When we receive services from David Rossen and crew it is like they are a part of our family. Could not be more friendly and professional. They are the best and I would recommend their services to anyone at any time.

Herman & Tommie C.

Professional, attentive, caring--Dr. Rossen and his staff are the best.

Annette E.

Everyone is very nice and professional. I've never been to a dentist that I would recommend but this office gets a very high rating from me.

Penny S.

Just there for routine cleaning. Keni was new to me but was very impressed with her. Hope I get her again when I go back in 6 months.

Beverly H.

Great people from the reception area through the entire process! Was seen quickly, cleaning went without a hitch, & was finished in no time. Even managed a nice conversation with the hygienist.


Best ever in service!

Ronald H.

For a Long time, I have been very satisfied with the work I have received from Dr. Rossen and his staff. Thanks

Vicki F.

Of ALL my experiences with Dr.'s and dentists over the years dealing with all of the personnel at Dr. Rossen's clinic has always been a pleasure...always.

Kevin L.

Doctor Rossen always has a smile when he greets you. The staff is happy and care.

Michael C.

I have been going for years to Dr. Rossen, my last trip was an emergency visit and Dr. Rossen was unavailable, so went to Dr. Martinez. a great visit, Office staff treats like you are something special almost like family. i would highly recommend both Dr.'s Rossen and Martinez they are simply a cut above.

J. R.

There is only One word that can describe Dr Rossen and his entire staff â?? SUPERIOR! Okay many a few more words: Amazing, Excellent Service, Reasonable Prices!

Connie B.

My fear of dentists have faded!Fast; painless! Who would dream that a crown could go so easily? The Friendly staff is icing on the cake!


Very caring staff at this clinic. Stand behind their treatment of any kind.

Siddique S.

Dr. Rossen has been my dentist since my moving to Texas 21 years ago. The term It's a "Family Affair" applies here. Whenever I am scheduled for an appointment, it's like I'm going to visit family. I'm never anxious about going because I'm always made to feel at home. The staff is amazing...smiling faces ever where and they ask follow-up questions about previous conversations (he/she was really involved). Dr. Rossen's is an ideal place to have your dental work done and to feel at home all at the same time. Try'll like them!

Cynthia P.

Of all the places in the world I should not feel comfortable and dread going to, IT IS A DENTIST'S OFFICE.But not at this one,everyone here is so friendly with great senses of humor that you forget what they are doing in your mouth.Plus when you see and talk with Dr. Rossen you again get that feeling of confidence that you are getting the proper care you should expect. My 6 month visits are enjoyable and can you believe fun. Thank you Dr. Rossen and your great staff for making this possible and the care to my teeth.


I have been a patient for around 15 years. I have been very happy with the quality of service that Dr. Rossen and his staff provide. My mouth was a mess when I started with them. We worked together as a team and got it all straightened out. I strongly recommend this office.


Excellent service in all areas.

Annette E.

Staff has always been caring and courteous. Makes my dental appt educating and pleasant. Been going to them for years

Patricia I.

I no longer dread going to the dentist which is a big relief. It has been a pleasant experience. Thank you to each one!


Dr.Rossen whole staff are so professional that I am very pleased to continue my thirty year relationship with his office.

Terry F.

Dr. Rossen and his staff exhibit the best in professionalism, competence, and concern and care for their patients. I feel completely at ease during my appointments there.

Helen A.

Dr. Rossen and his staff are compassionate and very good at what they do.


Dr. Rossen and his staff are the best! They always make it quick and painless. I would definitely recommend that anyone looking for a great dentist to go to Rossen Dental!

B. T.

Friendly, thorough, sensitive, punctual, professional. I recommend Dr. Rossen and his staff at every opportunity.


Dr Rossen and his staff did a wonderful job and are very accommodating, I arrived a little early for my appointment and they got me in right away. Great Job!


Dr. Rossen and his staff are very professional, down to earth and friendly. I have never had a bad experience at his office and I have been a patient for over 10 years. I'm impressed with how Dr. Rossen stays current with new technology.
The only thing I would suggest for improvement would be to buy new exam chairs. Or, at least recover the existing chairs in the exam room.

M. B.

Dr. Rossen is the BEST dentist ever!! He is very efficient and thorough!!! Office staff is also awesome!! Just an awesome experience all the way around.

B. Bray

Very courteous staff and always provides good dental service.

Georgia K.

Best Ever!


Very good


ALWAYS on time with their appointments. Staff is so friendly and professional.

B. N.

Very organized, thorough, and very accommodating to your needs.


I have been going to Dr. Rossen for about 8 years now. I have even moved about an hour away and still go there for my dental needs! The staff is AMAZING and Dr. Rossen makes the scary dental procedures not so bad!

Melisa B.

Best dentist team around. Always polite and professional. Love going here.


Very excellent service.


The staff is nice and great, they really do care about your teeth. Didn't agree when the person cleaning my teeth was talking down on me. Also, I think it's important to relay a patient's concerns and take them seriously and not brush it off.


Friendly, courteous and efficient both with procedure and paperwork.


Quick service, friendly staff, concerns were acknowledged and addressed.


Great folks here. My family has been going to Dr. Rossen's office for years and have never been disappointed. Highly recommend!


This is a very prompt, thorough, professional, and personable staff. My entire family has been going to Dr. Rosen for many years now for dental & orthodontist purposes.I highly recommend him.


It is always a pleasure to visit your office. You have a wonderful staff for which they make you feel very welcome and above all they are all very caring toward the patients.
I am glad I found you as my Dentist.


I arrived a few minutes early, was seen within a minute or two, and was out in a jiffy! Everyone was helpful and courteous. Love my dental professionals!!


Your staff is always so nice and kind. Even with me being a new patient, everyone in your office knows my name! Thank you for your excellent care.


First visit and very impressed. Everyone was friendly and professional. We did not wait beyond the appointment time and my teenaged son was comfortable with his hygienist and Dr. Rossen.


The dental hygentist continues to exceed my expectations. She provides tips for cleaning and seems to really have the knowledge for why she says what she says. And she is not naggy about it. I really like her.

Randy from Flower M.

You guys are great thanks.

Dudley S.

My first visit was perfect! All the staff, including Elisa, was excellent. Dr. Rossen was extremely professional and thorough; he explained every step in detail. I received a permanent crown, taking an hour and half, all in the first visit. I will recommend you and your staff in everyone.

Bill W.

I always walk out of Dr. Rossen's office a happy customer/patient :-)

Martha H.

Awesome as usual.


My visit today was excellent. I had a dental emergency and got right in this morning after I called. The staff was outstanding and Dr. Rossen fixed my problem in about 15 minutes. Very pleased with everything as I have been for over 10 years. Will continue to be a patient here.


I was always treated right after I arrived the office. Everyone in the office is friendly. I got my crown done within one hour. Like the new technology.


I was very pleased with my entire experience at Dr. Rossen's today. The entire staff were friendly and caring and very knowledgeable and made me very comfortable. I do appreciate them so much because I was so nervous when I arrived. That did not last long. And Dr. Rossen himself... Well he's a God send. Thanks to the whole crew. I appreciate you and the work and care you provide.

Lana B.

After moving to the area from Florida, I needed a dentist. However it became urgent when an old crown came off. I went to Dr. Rossen because he was in the neighborhood and I had read good things about him. I was not disappointed. The staff got me in within an hour of calling. They heartily welcomed me to my new home. The hygienist was wonderful and made sure I was comfortable the entire time. Dr. Rossen was friendly and explained everything he did. Unlike my dentist in Florida whom I hated, Dr. Rossen does not tell you that you need unnecessary work. My old dentist had told me I needed all my amalgam removed, wanted to do 6 crowns, and had a fascination with wanting everything white and pretty.


The entire office staff was very friendly, from checking in at the front desk to the check out was very painless. I have even scheduled appointments for my children.


I was in and out of Dr. Rossen's office within 2hrs and my 2 front crowns turned out fantastic. Thanks Dr. Rossen!


The staff is very friendly and kind. Dr. Rossen is very understanding and informs you every step of the way. I think he is the best dentist in town.


Dr. Rossen and his staff are organized and efficient. I never have had to wait. Excellent customer service and very accommodating. It is obvious they care about their patients. Thank you Dr. Rossen and staff!

Connie P.

This was easily the best dental experience I have had. Friendly staff and painless techniques.


I arrived 25 minutes early for my appointment expecting to wait until my scheduled time to be seen. Instead, I was taken immediately to the chair where Dr. Rossen began working on my tooth within five minutes. I left the office ten minutes after my appointment was originally scheduled to begin. This is not an isolated incident, but the norm for me at this office. It makes me wonder just how early I would have to arrive to not be seen immediately.

Gary H.

We appreciate Dr. Rossen so much. We were wanting a dentist who would make conservative choices with our 6 year old, and were very happy with his experience and bedside manner.


I was very satisfied with the Crown work performed. Doc Rossen and his dental assistant, Elisa, was very professional. The work was painless and with the new technology he has in the office I was able to walk out with the permanent crown rather than a temporary like in the olden days. Great staff at this office as well.


Love the people in your dental office. Very friendly and helpful and they always put me at ease. After having not been to the dentist in /years/, I'm more than happy to go now. Thank you!


Staff is very friendly and helpful. I really like the new technology where you can watch your own crown being created in 3 minutes and the digital impressions vs. using the impression material that you have to let sit in your mouth.


It's too bad my insurance only covers 2 times a year. I feel so welcome when I am there. Everyone is so enjoyable to be with. I really like that they ask questions about stuff I shared with them 6 months prior. It shows they really listen and care about their patients. Thank you.


I have been coming to this office for well over 10 years. Everyone in th office is just wonderful. My daughter is 5 years old and was going in to have two cavities filled. I was worried that she would be afraid to go back to the dentist after being drilled on and having her mouth numbed. Dr. Rossen and Alisa were so good with her, she walked out of the office smiling away like nothing ever happened...=) I was totally impressed!


My wife and I are so glad we found you! Both of us are impressed with both you and your entire staff.To have my permanent crown made during a one hour visit was amazing.By taking the time to explain and show me what you were doing and how the procedure was being done was very reassuring.We have recommended you to others in our family.


Very efficiently ran office. No wait for visit even though I was early by 10 minuets. New crown making machine really neat and very glad to see the upgrade to the office. Great to get the crown in the same day visit without a needed temporary crown and no return visit for fitting. Excellent work doc.


Being part of Doctor Rossen's patient list has completely transformed my experience of dental care and treatment. My visits are always characterized by the warm, gentle, unpressurised and informative of the whole staff. Thank you!

L. S.

My visit was very pleasant and painless. I was very impressed with the new equipment that was shown to me. As usual, everyone is always very friendly and professional.

Clara G.

The dental hygienist I had provided tips what she had read in her profession to better take care of my teeth. She was more than the typical teeth cleaning person. I appreciate that. Dr. Dave is honest, he recommended what was best for me, and prices are fair. Above and beyond what I expected.


I loved having crown tooth made onsite and getting done in 1 appt. Little pain. I will gladly take the numbness awhile. Doctor Dave and nurse were excellent. They told me what I was about to hear or experience to minimize tension. And I think the price was fair.

Randy R. Flower M

I was EXTREMELY happy with my visit. Some discomfort is to be expected when having crowns put on, and I won't say it was painless. But the discomfort was minimal, and Dr Rossen worked quickly and accurately. Everything feels & looks great!


I am always taken in at my appointment time, and sometimes earlier. I have never been displeased with any of the service that I have received. Everyone is friendly and helpful.


I have gone to many dentists in my lifetime and I can tell you Dr. Rossen & his staff are the best I have ever been to. They are friendly, professional & make you feel like you are part of their family. I have never liked going to the dentist but no longer dread it. I highly recommend Dr. Rossen to all my family & friends.

Susan M.

Dr David Rossen & his staff perform outstanding dental professional work with a warm & sincere, caring family attitude!! Thx David & staff for your excellent service today on installing a handsome new front crown, today:)

Gene S.

They are always on-time, I never have to wait, so rare today at any doctor's office. The cleaning is fast and efficient. They answer all my questions and explain in detail if I do not understand. I still don't celebrate going to the dentist and doubt I ever will but Dr. Rossen and his team sure make it less stressful.


All 4 of my children had appointments throughout the day. Ava, my youngest, was last. She whinned all day because she wanted it to be her turn to go to the dentist. She LOVES to go to Dr. Rossen's office. Thank you for making all my children feel comfortable and safe, and encouraging them to keep their teeth healthy.


My 6-year son came in for a cleaning and had a great experience. The hygienist was super patient and kid-friendly. He tells everyone with enthusiasm the day before that he had a dentist appointment.


I have never met a staff and doctor that was so caring!!! I have been bulimic for almost 15YRS and my teeth are in bad shape. I went to another dentist in 2008, and left almost in tears. At Dr Rossen’s, the whole staff was caring and nice and I felt so at ease. They listened, didn't judge and seemed to genuinely care. I didn't wait Long at all to be seen and the prices quoted were more than fair. I would recommend Dr Rossen to every and anybody!!!

Megan S.

Dr. Rossen is always going above and beyond to address my dental needs. Today was no differnt... not only addressing what I had came in for, but also addressing small things I brought up in casual conversation. I am greatly appreciative.

Carlo L.

Great job and very friendly.

Nate M.

I find this office to be most professional in every aspect. The staff is efficient, professional and friendly.


Dr. Rossen and his team know your family, your work, your polishing taste preferences even. Their schedule works around my family's crazy schedule. I have never had a dental office handle our family like this. We wont ever leave.

Bryan C.

Dr. Rossen and his entire staff are the absolute best dental team I have ever interacted with.... They never push unnecessary treatments, infact are conservative in their treatment plans. And unlike most dentists, they run this place focused on customer service which is a real refresher-I have not been to any doctor/dentist' office where customer service is also a priority along with the best patient care. Thank you all for running a wonderful clinic.


Fast, friendly, professional service.

Mary R.

All of y'all did a good job thank you.

Martin M.

Dr. Rossen and staff are all very professional and exemplify the highest levels of customer service. He explained all treatments beforehand and walked my daughter through her procedure encouraging her along the way.

Mark S.

Amazing experience. I was so anxious about this appointment, and for no reason at all. Dr Rossen and his staff were excellent. And even better... I never felt the numbing shot! Dr. Rossen is great!

Lisa M.

I actually enjoyed the visit. The procedure was quick and everyone was professional. I liked the way everything was explained to me before anything happened. I also enjoyed the knowledge of the community.

Mike K.

Outstanding as usual ! Always very punctual, very thorough!

Vicki F.

Dr. Rossen and his entire staff are great! I am always greeted promptly, and with a smile. I've been going to their office for years. I've had fillings re-done, crowns, and Invisalign braces, all by Dr. Rossen. He has done a great job on all of the procedures. I love how friendly his whole staff is!

Valerie D.

Everyone in the office was so nice, from the front office staff to the clinical side, everyone made us feel comfortable. Elisa took time to explain to me and my son why she was making a model of his teeth, showed us how the braces would go on and how Dr.Rossen would adjust them monthly. Brian also took the time to explain why he was taking the pictures of my son's teeth. Kevin helped to explain the financial side of things.
Dr.Rossen laid out his plan for correcting my sons teeth. The staff always puts my worries at ease, and when we come back it's as if we are visiting old friends. :)


Dr Rossen and his staff are so very friendly and professional, from the front office to the dentist chair - everyone treats you like family. And Dr. Rossen, he knows his stuff, and it's apparent that he keeps abreast of new techniques and technology. Our family has been seeing Dr. Rossen and staff for almost 20 years, and most of the staff has remained constant, that says a lot. I love you guys.

Michael S.

A+ service! I was a new patient who was referred over to the office, and was blown away by the attention to detail, level of service, and overall ease of getting my teeth worked on!
Won't regret going to the dentist in 6 months!

Pete A.

LOVE the new one day crowns!! Was in and out in less the 2 hours with TWO new crowns! As always, Dr. Rossen and all of his staff were wonderful!


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