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Both of our hygienists have been noticing tiny blue specks embedded in the gumline areas of our patients for the past several months. So have many other dental professionals all over the US and Canada, which compelled us to do a little research of our own.

I am not saying that polyethylene is causing gum problems. I’d be jumping too soon to that conclusion without scientific proof.  But what I am saying definitively is that plastic is in your toothpaste and that some of it is left behind even after you’re finished brushing and rinsing with it.

Why does Crest add PLASTIC bits to their toothpaste? The answer will disturb you. Read more here:


The bottom line is that Dr. Rossen and his team do not believe that plastic should be in your toothpaste. If it appears that your gums have become inflamed or otherwise notice adverse effects from any products you use, we are here to help you make smart choices about your dental care supplies, so please let us know.